Here is the Privacy policy for our visitor, clients and please note that our visitors and clients privacy is our top priority. Here you will find the information about how we collect, record, use user data and how we use it. If you need more information that may not be covered in this document, don’t hesitate to contact us. This Privacy policy will be effective on the online activities done by us and valid for the visitor of our website who may have shared their data for Tonatheme. This policy will not be effective on any offline activities or any other media or any other link or channel other than this website.

Tonatheme is a group of developers working with WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, Presta CMS development on both frontend to backend for a long term. Thousands of satisfied clients’ feedback around the globe helps us to improve our service day by day. Beside, our skilled and experienced developers holds strong position on marketplaces too, you would be happy to know that our developers achieved the ‘Elite seller’ position on , For any query about us please leave us Email on

This is to mean that, while you are using our website or this domain, you are agreeing with our Privacy policy and if you disagree please leave the domain and don’t proceed.

Information you will be asked / may be asked and why you are asked to provide it, will be discussed here. Note that we may have additional data about you like your name and email address, phone number if you have contacted us directly. You may be asked about your contact info (such as name, company, address, email, phone) while registering.

In brief, the term “personal data” means that we need the data about you to communicate with you by having any of the data related to your name or surname, your photograph, current postal code, living Country, Email address to communicate, Phone numbers, or any certain data of transactions on our site.

Data we collect from users may fall under these categories: Information that was collected from our Customers and Partners while providing Services. Information that we need to collect & use for the Targeted End Users while providing our Products or Services to them. Data or information that Site Visitors provide to us while surfing the Site. If you fall under any categories, we assume that you are agreed and informed, and note that that information is used for our targeted advertisements, user experience developments, apps and related service developments. We intentionally don’t sell or share them to other parties as we respect the privacy policy . Customers and Partners wishing to opt-out of receiving information from us can email us at

Following ways can be mentioned to give you the transparent idea how we collect data: By signing up our newsletters or updates. By registering on our Website. If you purchase an extension from our store. Participating on any survey held by us or sending any feedback about our products. if you connect us via email, Helpdesk, Live Chat.

We use collected user data for various purposes, like: To improve the website user experience To Personalize website for better user experience, To expand the contents of our website depending on user demands. Understanding and analyzing how our visitors use our website Developing new products or new services or functionality for our Clients. To communicate with you directly or via any partners or via customer service. To provide product or service updates or any other info we may use your user data. Maybe your data will be used for marketing and promotion of products and services too. Email to you for any query. If Any kind of fraudulence is found. For the reminder of products that were placed on shopping carts but not purchased. To identify purchase details briefly . To help us identify your purchase details While on a support session we may need your information for quick support. To address the queries, complaints made by you. On our various internal operations like data analysis, testing, research work, statistics. We may use third party services for improving user experience on our website. They might be cookies, web beacon or similar technologies. Note that these technologies might have their own privacy policy and we don’t cover those policies. Please note that, if you are not interested in receiving legal notices from us, you may send us a request, but that legal notices will still be applicable, you will be responsible for whether you check them or not on any purpose. You may request us via email at

Log Files
We follow the standard procedure on log files used. Log files store visitor data which is basically used by hosting companies for analytics purposes. Log files contain the following data : internet protocol (IP) addresses of visitors, browsers used on PC or Other devices by user, Internet Service Provider (ISP) data, how many clicks on the websites. These data’s are not meant to track any individual users private data or partially collect anyone’s data, their purpose is to have the statics data on websites, user behavior on different time and site and vice versa.

Tonatheme uses ‘cookies’ as other websites do for storing users preferences, which helps website authors to improve and optimize the website contect. To have a brief idea about cookies please read “What Are Cookies” from “Cookie Consent”.

Please note that the California consumers holds these right Under the CCPA below: To request to disclose the data that contains their personal data with a specific part. To delete users personal data that was collected To request not to sell users personal data. As we honor the CCPA privacy rights, if you want to make a request, let us one month respond time to your request by contacting us.

Replacing the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD), The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU Regulation which significantly enhances the protection of the personal data of EU citizens. It has increased the obligations on the organizations who collect or process personal data. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect on 25th May 2018 which will be applicable to all member states of the EU. As our highest priority goes to our clients, visitors we respectively honor the GDPR DATA PROTECTION RIGHT. We assume that you are aware of your data protection rights, which consists- You may ask for your personal data, and we may charge you a small fee for that. You have the right to request us to rectify your information that was stored on us to fulfill it or correct it or you believe that is incomplete or not accurate. You have the right to request us to erase your data on certain conditions. You can request us to stop processing your personal data under certain conditions that were stored with us. Under certain conditions you can request us to transfer data of your personal information to another organization or directly to you. Through its website, information and public databases, Tonatheme may gather personal information. We use this information to improve your profile and the Site’s user experience overall, particularly when contextualizing recommendations. If you need to make a request, please let us one month to respond to your request by contacting us.

Path intentionally does not track the IP address of the users. Please note that, if Tonatheme uses push notification services that are created on the browser, you can be assured that these systems do not track any individual data, it is generated randomly.

Tonatheme does not collect knowingly, willingly any children related data or relevance thing and honor the rights of children data privacy policy. If you believe that there is any record or data stored on our website or website related system you can request us to remove such information from our server or system.

We don’t store any data through extensions or plugins or addons except if any kind of server request is made for any service like error or update.

We may have information about you from other sources from publicly available databases or from any third party who provided it having legitimate interests which follows better product advertisement, marketing, app development. If you provide us personal information about others or about you, we will use them for the specific reasons for which it was provided to us.

If you are interested or need our analytics system, please note that the information you will get is limited to your relevant range only and we cant deliver other users information.

If you are using our Free products, you don’t have to pay any charge or any hidden charge will be applied. You can recommend our products but it can’t be distributed by any other parties or groups without our permission. It can’t be modified or re-distributed on any means whether it is a free or premium product. Premium products meant to be delivered on Clients end in “as it is” state and we have the rights to deliver updates on products in future. Premium products do not mean that clients have the authority to modify it or claim creator ownership. We don’t have any liability if it was modified by any other parties. Feel free to contact us via for any queries or support.

Clients receive the latest version of products while they purchase or download them from our websites. Product updates will be free of charge. They will be notified through Email or our social links.

Via ticket system, clients will get free technical support which is applicable for Premium/Purchased products. Support will be provided without charge for any extensions defects that are not the buyer’s fault and that were not readily apparent during testing and examination of the system requirements prior to purchase, even when the necessary diligence was taken. For a year following the date of purchase, or for as long as the annual subscription is renewed, support is offered for any product purchased from Tonatheme. Bug fixes, basic usage queries, and support are all included in support. Issues resulting from packaged theme features are also corrected. Our FREE modules are not supported by us. Tonatheme does not offer support for HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, Presta Shop itself (default modules of HubSpot, Shopify, WordPress, Shopify, Presta Shop or does not provide support for any third-party extensions you might choose to use with your purchased Tonatheme products or modules, troubleshooting issues occurring in versions of Internet Explorer older than version 8, or any customized one. We are unable to offer support if there are questionable items or subjects on the client’s side. A few examples of this type of content are pornography, prostitution, racist material, potential scams, etc. The privacy policy may change in the future, so please be aware of that. If there are any updates, we’ll let you know here or, if they’re significant, we’ll show you a notification.

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